Best Weight Loss Healthy Diet Plan 2024

Weight loss healthy diet plan. Today’s plan has also been designed by our dietitian. so let’s start with the diet plan for fat loss. So day one, first thing in the morning after waking up, we will start our day with a glass of lemon water, you can also add one teaspoon of honey to it. Lemon and honey help a lot in kick-starting digestion, so your fat-burning starts in the morning itself. After this, you take ten grams of soaked arms.

You have to soak some almonds every night before sleeping and then rinse them thoroughly the next morning. Do you know what are the benefits of soaking armons? These become easy to digest. By soaking them secondarily, their bioavailability increases, which means our body can absorb the protein, fiber, healthy fats, and vitamins present in them better.

Weekly Weight Loss Healthy Diet Plan

And thirdly, their texture of flavor also gets enhanced, by soaking the Mormons to become more soft and creamy, and most importantly, The anti-nutrients present inside them like fighting acid and tannins are removed, hence it is said that these things are nutrients. So, it is better to eat the Armons after soaking them in a nutshell.

1st Day Diet Plan

For breakfast, you have one bowl of vegetables Poha. Along with Poha, you also include peanuts and vegetables like onion, tomato, and capsicum, you can add all these, you have to take fifty grams of whatever quantities, I am telling are about cooked dishes and not of their raw ingredients, we leave at mid-morning, meaning around noon you will get two hundred.

You can take a gram of fruit yogurt, for which you have to use a hundred grams of fruit and a hundred grams of yogurt. By mixing fruit and yogurt, it becomes a very good combination of pre and probiotic, due to which you get their combined health benefits. Along with this, there is also a very amazing desert. Fruit yogurt will be so filling that you will not need to eat anything else till lunch.

Lunch Plan

Then for lunch, you can have a multi-grain roti along with one hundred grams of cabbage vegetable and a hundred grams of mixed salad. For multigrain roti, you can mix any other millet like ragi, or bajra. Although ready-made multi-green flour is available in the market, add peas to the cabbage curry, just do not use potatoes. You can make this vegetable in mustard or olive oil.

The intake of salt should also be kept to a minimum. After making the vegetable, you can add fresh lemon juice on top so that the vegetable will taste better. And its digestion will also improve. You can have mixed vegetables like onion, cucumber, and beetroot on your salad plate. Do not add salt to the salad too. By doing all this, your salt intake will not be reduced, and due to this, the body will not retain water.

Outdoors Activities

If you do regular workouts like walking, doing yoga, or doing any kind of physical activity then it is a very good thing because by doing this you will get the maximum benefits of this diet plan. So after your exercise, you can drink a glass of Sattu to refresh your body. Sattu, which is made from roasted gram, is a good source of protein, fiber, and many minerals.

Healthy Food
Healthy Food

It is a low-calorie and super-filling beverage that helps in keeping you full for a long time. It helps in weight management and because of its presence, it is also very helpful for those who have diabetes. Do you know that Sattu is a source of complex carbs, due to which the body gets instant energy after drinking it, that is why all your tiredness goes away within a few minutes after exercise, hence Sattu is a natural coolant. Including it in your diet has many benefits,

Healthy Food For Evening

Every day there will be a different healthy snack for you. On day one, you can have a hundred grams of Bhel. We do not take Bhel which is available in packets in the market. We have to prepare healthy Bhel at home, so for this, you need puffed rice and gram. You have to take peanuts, you can add chopped green chilies, tomatoes inside it, you can also add lemon juice, you can add chaat masala,.

If you have mint or tamarind chutney in your house then you can also add it to it and With this your homemade healthy Bhel is ready, it does not contain any preservatives or artificial substances, it is a perfect snack to have with evening tea, you can have it with normal tea or green tea. Do not add refined sugar.

Dinner Plan

Let’s go to dinner, Two hundred grams of vegetable porridge. Just like we had used different vegetables, you can make it in a pan or in a pressure cooker. Dalia is also a complex food, due to which it is a very healthy option. By taking this you will not feel hungry before sleeping at night. Many times it happens that we have a light dinner but by the time we sleep, we feel hungry again.

Then we go to the kitchen and start searching and eat whatever we in front of us and spoil the whole day’s hard work. we always try to keep the dishes as filling and healthy as possible. Even after this, if you feel hungry before sleeping, you can take one cup of low-fat milk i.e. 150ml low-fat milk or you can also take one cup of nighttime relaxing tea.

Acaffeine-free tea which contains seven different herbs and flowers. Healthy Diet Plan Those who take relaxing tea at night, get very good sleep and you know how sleep and weight loss are related. Those who take seven to eight hours of sound sleep get a lot of help in losing weight. The advantage of a good diet plan is that we can stick to the diet and easily achieve our health goals too, This will make your weight loss journey even more easy and result.

2nd day Diet Plan Breakfast

Now let’s start the day with a diet plan. You will start the day with lemon water and soap nuts. Today you will take a hundred grams of vegetable masala oats for breakfast. Along with two boiled egg whites, if you do not eat eggs then there is no problem, you can add fifty grams of paneer to the masala oats. Mid-morning around noon, you have to take fifty grams of apple chia seed. To make this, you have to take fifty grams of paneer.

Take 1 ml of low-fat milk and add five grams of chia seeds to it. For sweet, you can add a little honey and keep it in the fridge for some time, after which it will become a little thick. Then you can prepare your Chaiyasa Footing by adding apple or mixed fruits on top. It’s an amazing dessert and a snack which is very healthy as well as very filling.


Now Let’s move on to lunch, in which you have to take a multigrain. Roti along with one twenty-gram black gram vegetable and a hundred-gram salad Black gram contains many nutrients like carbs, fiber, protein, vitamins, and minerals, it is a very good source of iron. By eating we also get a lot of energy. So like many times after lunch, we feel tired and sleepy, by eating black gram we will feel more energetic. this is white a very good lunch option.

Now after lunch, you can have buttermilk or mango panna. As you know Aam Panna is a very amazing special drink which is made by using raw mango. You can make its concentrate and store it in the fridge for a few days and then add water to it and take it for several days. This is a very good sour-sweet beverage that helps keep the body cool when consumed

Evening snack

So let’s move on to the evening snack in which you can take 100 grams of plain popcorn with tea or green tea or even popcorn chaat. You can make chaat, you just have to add onion, tomato, and chaat masala in popcorn. To make popcorn, please do not use Act to or any other package popcorn because it contains preservatives. And if these preservatives silently become a hindrance in your weight loss journey, then replace them with corn kernels and make popcorn directly.

Now for dinner, you have to take two hundred grams of vegetables.Normal Khichdi is made only from dal and rice, you have to add vegetables to it also. People who do not have any problem taking curd at night can also take fifty grams of curd along with khichdi and then take buttermilk. Make a routine of walking after dinner, this will digest your dinner well and you will also sleep better. Before sleeping, have a cup of warm milk or I am bound ninety-time relaxing tea.

3rd day Diet Plan Breakfast

Now let’s start with d, wake up in the morning and take a glass of lemon water along with soap and after that, we will have breakfast in which we will have fifty grams, of vegetables. In the mid-morning, we will have one forty-gram, instant oatmeal, in which we will also have some fruits. To add, there are different types of oats available in the market. Healthy Diet Plan To make instant oatmeal, we use rod oats.

Now for lunch, you have to take two hundred grams of gram pulao. And two hundred ml of cumin buttermilk. in this diet plan, we are keeping buttermilk consumption high. There are many reasons for this. Firstly,, buttermilk helps in keeping our body very cool. Secondly, being a probiotic, it also improves digestion.

And it helps in preventing all stomach-related problems like constipation and diarrhea. Buttermilk is also a very good source of calcium and vitamin D and it also boosts our immunity. It has many other health benefits which you can enjoy. In fact, this is a very good and spicy crunchy option. It’s a perfect snack for Indian taste parts guys during the day. If you feel hungry at any time or after your exercise, you can take a glass of drink.


Now let’s go to dinner in which you have to take one piece of onion paratha and you can take tomato chutney along with it, then you go for a walk and return. After coming, if you feel hungry, then drink milk, otherwise, I am a bowl of relaxing tea at night. Have a good sleep.

4th day Diet Plan Breakfast

Now let’s go to the fourth day. After the morning ritual, you have to have paneer stuffed with gram flour for breakfast. It should be one medium-sized. You can use a tablespoon of batter to make it and take fifty grams of cheese stuffing, you can pair it with milk chutney, take one fifty grams of fruit and You have to take oats custard, for which you will add rolled oats to low fats milk. And then add fruits on top of it and your fruits and oat custard is ready.

For lunch, you will get a multigrain roti with around forty grams of vegetable mixed veg and vegetables. You have to take a plate of salad and a glass of buttermilk. In the evening, you can take fifteen grams of roasted makhana with your tea. The best thing about makhana is that it is very heavy, which means in just fifteen grams a bowl full of makhana is ready.

Now for dinner, you have to take one fifty-gram veg pulao along with fifty grams if you want. You can also take curd. Some people do not like curd for dinner, so they should avoid it. After coming back from the box, take one cup of herbal and good night’s day.

5th day Diet Plan Breakfast

After five morning drinks, you have to take one fifty grams of vegetable vermicity in breakfast. Be very careful. You have to add all the vegetables then in the morning you have to take a hundred grams of fruit and yogurt.

For lunch, you have to take one multigrain roti, one fifty-gram bottled gourd, one gram dal vegetable, and a hundred grams of salad. Now after exercising you can have a glass or buttermilk. So in this, you have to add Sattu powder to buttermilk itself which will become a very healthy and filling drink. And you can add cumin powder. For an evening snack, you have to have thirty grands of roasted gram, and for dinner three pieces of green kebab with mint chutney.

6th day Diet Plan Breakfast

Let’s have breakfast on day six. Have one piece of egg parantha, to make it you will use a whole egg. Instead of egg, you can also take cheese and fifty.You can take grams of curd in the mid-morning, and you will take vol of salad. Seven spoons of plain yogurt, we use yogurt instead of mayonnaise. Which is equally creamy and tasty but course more healthy.

After yogurt, we will add this diced apple inside it. Add it inside it and now I am adding half a cup salary. I have chopped the leaves of parsley and added it where you can also add mint and now I am adding half a cup of sliced bread grapes.

Green grapes raisins now this goes into the bowl or half cup walnuts roughly chopped roast, add walnuts directly but toasted walnuts taste better. Now we’ll add some fresh lemon juice and Salt or black pepper. Now give it a top, give it a good mix. Saree cream saree yogurt wrap or plate bowl lettuce because this salad is served on a bed of lettuce.

Just serve lunch of rice and hundred grams Kachumber salad. Now what is Kachumber salad? These are cucumber, onion, and tomato. It is made by adding lemon juice and some spices to it which is very refreshing and it is very fun to eat. Now in the evening we have to have a hundred grams of puffed dry chaat. Add chopped onion, tomato, coriander, green chili, lemon, chaat, and masala to the puffed dry dish and it will be ready.

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For dinner, you have to have one piece of Soya Kathi roll.Many times we feel like eating sweets after dinner, especially if you can take a slice of mango after your dinner. Healthy Diet PlanAlthough it is not good to take fruits after eating, but mango is an exception. Whereas after eating food, other fruits create problems in digestion. The presence of mileage compounds in Mango supports the digestion of food too. It becomes sweet.

7th day Diet Plan Breakfast

Early morning, you will take a glass of lemon water and ten grams of soap nuts which you can take with armons or walnuts, and then breakfast. You can take any vegetable stuffing of your choice in paratha, except potato paratha, you can use any vegetable stuffing of your choice. While making paratha, the use of ghee has to be reduced and you can serve it with mint chutney or curd.

Then at midnight, you can have a glass of watermelon, to which you will use fresh watermelon mindless and coconut water. Healthy Diet Plan For dinner, you have to take fifty grams of mixed veg pasta. Make red sauce instead of white sauce because it is more healthy.

And make sure that the pasta is not made of white flour but of durum week which is a healthy grain. Now before sleeping at night, drink a nice I am Bowl nighttime relaxing tea, Healthy Diet Plan and with this your one-week Healthy Diet Plan is complete. .

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