Latest Islamabad Government Jobs 2023

How to apply for Islamabad Government Jobs, If you are from Punjab, Sindh, Balochistan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Gilgit-Baltistan, Azad Jammu Kashmir, you can apply, for these Islamabad government jobs. Not told because of its sensitivity, but in government jobs, if your education is only class 12 or you have done matric or you have done primary.

You are not literate you have No educational degree but you have work experience, and you know how to work in a government organization, You can apply for it, there is no application fee, not a single rupee. These are Islamabad-based Government jobs, If you belong to any province, your job will be in Islamabad, and you will also get a government house in it.

Islamabad Government Jobs 2023

Because all the government institutions are in it. Home and government pick and drop is compulsory for you, so males and females can apply for both. Will you do it? If not, then kindly, you must share it as charity. I will tell you the seats that have appeared in it first.

These seats have been announced in supervisor, admin, LDC, telephone operator, driver, sanitary worker, and finance, there are seats in the government jobs, fourteenth scale, eleventh scale, ninth scale, fourth scale, and one scale all. I got a government house. Government department know. Yes, you have done intermediate metrics in this.

Then we discuss the method of applying to you first. The supervisor admin has fourteen scales. Those who are retired from the Pakistan Army can apply for it. The maximum age in it is thirty-five years and along with it there is an age relaxation of five years, I will recommend that our brothers and sisters who have done metric who have done twenty-five years, they have said age is five years, and you should apply metric on it, they have given three weeks basic IT.

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The said course is not necessary now when you get a job in the federal government Jobs, after that you are given a computer course. if you have matric, whether you have done it in science, whether you have done it in arts, whether you have done it in computer science, whether you have studied it in physics, bio, etc., you can apply for it. we’re talking about a telephone operator. you’ve done FSC, FA, and Icom.

I am taking it because all these people can apply for it, you are also asking me separately madam, these people can do it, they can do it, they also said two years experience. If so, have you worked in any private place, whether you have worked as a cashier or anything else, From them, you can get the certificate of the telephone operator. The telephone will work in any place after two years they have said.

Government Jobs In Islamabad

It has driver’s seats if you only and only you have studied five classes. You can apply for a driver, you will get a government house, drivers also get sanitary workers, and if you are not educated, you are worried about inflation. You don’t need any educational degree for this, you can apply for sanitary work. It is followed by four seats, followed by Mali with eight seats.

There is no educational degree in this either, for the gardener they have no idea that we have to send you to the crops. These small gardens are made inside the departments, There are eight seats on top of that. People can apply there is no application fee are you in or ok either of them. You must get it from the officer of the 1st scale.

Government Jobs 2023

Get it done from a government department, or get it from a teacher of the 1st scale, You have to attach your passport-size photos along with it. Attach a copy of the key, after attaching it, sir, note down the address to which you have to send it, sir, the address is PO Box No. sixteen hundred and four, GPO Islamabad, you have to send it before December 15, now the application form.

Where to download, let me show you where to download and where to download the application form. come on First of all, you will go to Google. Today government jobs. This is already written by me. Look at the spelling. See all jobs today. When you open it. Then this interface will open in front of you. In this, you have to click on the first one, that’s right,

Application Process for Government Jobs

I am telling you how to download the application form and advertisement, you can see the rest of the B’s in it, and you will also find the Punjab Police jobs, apart from that, if you look at AGPI, you will get all the jobs on it. the Islamabad base is fine. we will click on it and we will open it. The purpose of doing this in front of you people is that you people do not face any kind of problem.

Islamabad Government Jobs Ad
Islamabad Government Jobs Ad

We will open this article completely so that everything comes before us. Let’s be open, this bus network also has the same issue. Come on, I will open it, as soon as we click on read more, the post will open in front of us. If it opens, then I will show you, look, it has been opened. Here you will get the full details and you will also see the method of applying.

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The method of applying is also written here. that children often don’t know even if they tell you what to do? If you were walking, you could see all these things, here I have taken a photograph, passport size, this meaning is there, the address is also here, you will also find this advertisement here, now it is the original application. In this form, I would have explained to you that you people do not understand.

If the children make a loud noise, then this application form is being opened, I will explain to you what to do. By the way, they have asked us for a CV, but we are going towards the application form. We can also give the application form. We have a CV. Yes, this is our application form. It has been opened. this is for the Ministry of Commerce.

If you Have any experience you will write that training course means if you have done any training or else you will cross it. Do you have a diploma or a pass for them like LHV or LTV, they have that license, driving license, so you write about them here, date, and sign This form will work for you one hundred and ten percent, but when you want to take it out, you have to put it on top of the Ministry of Commerce,

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