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How To Apply For Pak Army Jobs 2023, What things do they need in it? We click on it, then we come to this page, then we check the scenario, what is the scenario of applying for Pak Army Jobs, then we check the view detail, yes, then your age is seventeen. Must be twenty-two years. Your age should be between twenty-four and twenty-two years, neither less nor more than this, and you should not be married, you should be unmarried, and then your gender should be male,

You should be male, and your height should be five feet four inches meaning that they will check your weight depending on your height. The conditions are in it. Yes, you have entered intermediate meaning in which FAFSC I com or ICS after that, you must have any degree from it and that age must be seventeen to twenty-two years and you must be three months old.

How To Apply For Pak Army Jobs 2023

relaxation is given if your age is less than seventeen years and if your age is more than twenty-two years and if you graduate in two years you have graduated still have graduation in two years And Surviving Pakistan Navy Pakistan Air Force Person If you have completed your graduation then you can apply in Pak Army Jobs Pakistan Navy or Pakistan Air Force for that your age should be seventeen to twenty-three years as written.

Happened In this there is no relaxation of three months if the age is less or more than three months, after that if you have a four-year graduation degree or not in which you have done BS BA owner and BBA and BPA then you have aged for that too. You must be seventeen to twenty-four years old and no age relaxation has been given to you, if you are an army person at a time and surviving army soldier means an army person and your age is seventeen to twenty-five years old, then you should also apply for this Pak Army Jobs.

Pakistan Army Jobs

For this, no age relaxation has been given to you, which means that your age should be this much, and further, your academic requirements, which means that your marks etc. You should have marks in FA or FSC or you should have a degree equivalent to it, like it is federal secondly, these candidates are saying sixty percent, if your marks in BA, BS, and BSc are more than sixty percent.

Marks you should have more than fifty percent marks in BBA and BBA only then you are eligible to apply for Pak Army Jobs otherwise not and if you are an army person at the time then you should have fifty percent marks in FA or FSC If there is a job in it, then after that, when we are here, when things will be completed with you, if Allah wills it. So after you have written this below you have joined. Click on it and you will find the link in the description.

Pak Army Jobs

So my dear this channel is great related to jobs in it you will get more information about the latest jobs in Pakistan, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, or any other country. Kindly like and subscribe to my channel so that my voice continues to reach you. So first of all in the personal information they ask you which course you have completed, here you have to tell the degree whether I have done entry or I have done BA, then your full name which has a red mark on it.

What do you call it? It is necessary to fill the requirement which is made of this mark of red color, it is not so important, after that it means A S R C, from here you have to select who came and which one is their test center of army. It is approaching, you are in Lahore, you are approaching Lahore, in Faisalabad, in Muzaffarabad, in Pindi, in Gilgit. After that, you have to write your name here as I write early just like this and after that here you have to select the date of and here you have to select that.

Pak Army Jobs Documents

You have to write your current date of birth, which means how old you are. This means which language you speak, you speak Urdu or Punjabi, you have to select that language here, after that you select gender, it is only one option in the mail, and you cannot apply Pak Army Jobs. Then Marital Status means you are married or single. If you are married, get married. If not, make them married or single. After that, your religion means what is your religion?

It is Jewish, it is Islam, it is anything, it is Sikh, you have to select it here. And after that, in which case you have applied here, which job do you want, I want command officer, soldier, anyone you have to write it here. And NexClick on T. I have not filled these things here. That’s why it’s not going forward for me. Next, he will give you a form. On which you will be given the form, on which you will know how long you are eligible for the job and when you are being called for an interview, thank you for watching my video.

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