New Pakistan Railway Jobs 2023

How to Apply for Pakistan Railway Jobs. This is the official website of Pakistan Railways on which new jobs have been announced. December 2023 is the last date to apply. What are these vacancies, how much education do you need, and what is your age limit? How to apply this as soon as any new job comes, you can apply for it immediately so that it reaches as many people as possible and more people can benefit from it.

People can get employment and DAE Intermediate and matriculation education is required for him, his last date is 13 December 2023. How to apply for Pakistan Railway jobs, we will check all these details from its official website, but how do you open the official website? We will tell you the procedure. First of all, we will go to our Google Chrome browser.

How To Apply For Pakistan Railway Jobs 2023

Go to the Google Chrome browser and go to the official website of Railway Jobs, we will open it here. Yes, as soon as we look down a little, these are the options of Pakistan Railway Carriers, then we will open it. As soon as we open it, the official website of Pakistan Railway jobs will open in front of us in this way, all the details of the past jobs are there and all the details of the current jobs are also there.

We check all its details from its advertisement which is downloaded from its official website and filed here. As soon as we download the file, it will open in front of us like this. So this vacancy will be a Grade Sixteen i.e. Sixteenth Scale Vacancy for which you should have a year’s Diploma in DAE Mechanical and along with that you should have fifteen years of experience.

Pakistan Railway Jobs 2022

Saying this is written on the advertisement and along with it you can see all the other details along with it is the vacancy of GH GR 2 also it is for grade sixteen. For that also G three three-year diploma should be DAE and it is in steel. And the minimum experience in it should be ten years. Along with this, this is the vacancy of Junior Chargeman, this is the vacancy of Junior Chargeman.

This is a vacancy for grade 7 ah sorry grade 11 on the 11th scale for which a three-year diploma in DAE Mechanical Technology should be with a minimum of two years of experience. And along with that, yes, this is the vacancy of Junior Clerk after that. It is called Division Clerk Lower Division Clerk. It will be a grade nine vacancy for which FAFSCF education is required First division.

Those who are fresh graduates can also apply for Pakistan Railway Jobs. You should have two years of clerical experience. The typing speed of ah is good. You should have a typing speed of thirty words per minute. You also have an experience which means you know it.

Qualification For Pakistan Railway Jobs

And after that, it is also written GDP. Well yes, they are asking something related to railways, so those who are related to railways will know this. The next vacancy is that of a mason and this grade is not a normal mason, it is a mechanical person, it is a vacancy of grade nine, for which you must have matriculation with your second division, one year trade is good.

Your diploma is also a one-year trade diploma must be in the modeling and functionary right in me and your experience of three years is also asked after that it is of g mystery, and it is grade nine in that. This will be a vacancy and one year, it is the same Sem Diploma and you should also have three years of experience. Next, they are told how to apply for it.

Application Process for Pakistan Railway Jobs

There is a procedure to apply for it. They are saying that what you have to give your application is to write it on a simple paper. You can also write it by hand. You can do it as you like, you should have the application. On number one, post applied for, write the name of the post for which you are applying. Write your name and Father’s Name Write your Date of Birth Write your Domicile Cell.

Which city you are from Your CNIC number and Economic Qualification i.e. all your certificates Copies of relevant documents i.e. Tested copies of all documents that you have to submit the test that any of you can get tested from ah bandi or bandi of grade seventeen after that application by courier you can send it by courier.

Post With In Fifteen Days After Well they are saying that means fifteen days, between the twenty-ninth of November and the thirteenth of December, you have to send it to them. Here is the advertisement the following address is divisional ah Pakistan Railway Mughalpura. this is his address Pakistan Professor Office Workshop Pakistan Railway jobs Mughalpura this is his official address you have to write the name.

And well yes below they have told you that some kind of TID will be given to you and also told that yes application submitted by hand will be good yes they are saying that some kind of incomplete application If not, it will not be acceptable and the shortlist candidates will be called after a call interview. This was the full details of the Pakistan Railway Jobs that we have shown you from its official website.

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