Latest PNSC Jobs In Pakistan 2024

(Pakistan National Shipping Corporation) PNSC Jobs 2024 has arrived, if we talk about education, then those who have matriculation, intermediate, and bachelor education can apply for this, the age limit has been kept from 18 years to 55 years. You will also get the link to this website in the Apply Button, so you can simply click on it and visit this website.

You can visit this website simply, If you click on it, this page will appear in front of you, and then here you will see the first post of Pakistan National Shipping Corporation PNC Job 2024. So you all simply click on it. You have to click on it and all its contents have to be opened like this. criteria for the PNSC Jobs you will get here.

Latest Jobs in Pakistan

First of all, age, people between 18 to 55 years of age can simply apply for it. education, then Matriculation, Intermediate, and Bachelor’s. Those who can simply apply in this can give the last date to apply here, which is 25th January 2024, you people will scroll down, and here you will get its official advertisement in this way, you people can simply apply in this way.

You have to hold it, and after holding it, you all have to scroll and download the image written here. By clicking on it, simply download the thing that you want to download. Which vacancy is it, is the qualification required in it and is there a limit required first the serial number is given and then the positions, qualifications, and experience are given, and the maximum age limit is given

PNSC Jobs Detail

The first vacancy is the job of Manager Procurement. You can apply for a bachelor’s degree here. your age limit should be up to 55 years, you can see the second vacancy here below. It is for Junior Executive State Electrical, and Bachelor of Engineering Electrical, who can apply for any of them simply. The age limit for applying is up to 45 years.

PNSC Jobs Ad Page
PNSC Jobs Ad Page

You can see the third vacancy which is of Junior Executive e State Civil, in this, people with BE B.Tech Civil education can simply apply, and the age limit is only 45 years of age. You can see the vacancy of Junior Executive HR in this, you can apply for a bachelor’s degree, in this also there is a limit that you should be up to 45 years.

PNSC Jobs in Pakistan

The next vacancy is Messenger, matriculates can apply for this and your age should be up to 50 years. You people can simply apply for this, the last vacancy here is for a flat operator, there are intermediate ones who can simply apply for this, The Age limit should be 40 years, and then you people can simply apply for this PNSC Jobs.

According to this job has been written, if you people want to apply for this then I will also tell you the method to apply. To apply, you all have to come to our simple website. Scroll down to the bottom of this advertisement, here you will get the section on how to apply, then you will find the section on how to apply. You people will get the button here Apply Now.

PNSC Jobs Apply Online

you people have to simply click on the Apply Now button and simply you people will come to this website Register button has been given, so you people simply have to click on it. As soon as you click, you people can see this form here. It is simple to fill. First of all, create a new account. You have to give your name, email address, and password, you have to type it here twice. You have to give your date of birth.

You will receive an email using your email address and the password you have kept. Click on My CV. And you have to simply click on the updated CV, only those who will click here, you guys have to fill out all the things. you have to give all the details in the personal form below, you have to fill out all the details in the educational information also.

Govt Jobs in Pakistan

write your experience below here. Whatever is there, if any, then you will scroll down here. You guys have to attach yourCVv with it. you can see all the PNSC Jobs that are there. Whatever jobs you have applied for, you people have simply applied for this job, it is written further, you people have to simply click on it, if you people have filled in your CV and resume have been attached with it. If you have added your informationton it then you will be able to apply simply.

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