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Pakistan Air Force jobs have been announced which you people can apply for from all over Pakistan, this post will open in front of you. You can read its information here. You can apply by clicking here. You can also check its advertisement here. So here are the ASF jobs and airman entry, and there is a very good opportunity here.

First of all, let us tell you that here you can see the Airman jobs, you can apply from 8th January to 14th January, its starting date is ok. The date of application is 8th January and the last date is 14th January. Now if we talk about qualification etc. then here Arrow Trade is in the first place. It is ok, only boys can apply for Arrow Trade You are unmarried your age should be between 15 to 20 years and your height should be between 163 cm to 188 cm.

Qualification For Pakistan Air Force Jobs

After that, your qualification should be at least matriculation with science and 60 marks. You should be in Matriculation with Science, you should have 60th marks and you should have at least 33 percent in Physics, Chemistry, and Maths, that is, 33 marks in Physics and also in Chemistry, then you should have this percentage here. After that, if we talk about it in English, then you should have this percentage.

If you have 50 total marks, you have 150 total marks in English by combining 9th and 10th, then out of that, 70 marks should be yours, which means you should have 70 marks and 47 marks should be marked. If your percentage is 200, it means total. There are 200 marks in English, so in that also you have to calculate 47. Okay, so this is the criteria and this is the height of your trade.

Height for Pak Army Jobs

If you have a question about it in centimeters, then you have googled 2 feet. It is okay. If CM is to feet, then you have googled 3. We have to calculate how much 163 becomes, so it becomes 5.3, 5 feet 3 inches is fine, in this way your & DI is correct, PF & DI means Physical Fitness and Drill Instructor, so for this, the boys who are here from this ASF Jobs.

You can be unmarried, your age should be between 16 to 22 years and your height should be between 178 cm to 188 cm, and 6/6 should be on your eye side, you should have matriculation with science with 60 marks, and 45 in Physics, Chemistry, and Maths. You should have 75 marks in English and after that, the physical test you will have to give before the interview is that you will have to do a meeting,

Govt Jobs Criteria

Running in 8 minutes, 20 pushups, 15 reach ups, you will have to do 4 chin ups and there will be a command test which will be That you have to do it in a clear and loud voice, okay, so it is included in the physical test, you will have to give it, after that there are security ASF jobs, boys can be unmarried, age should be between 175 to 22 years and height should be between 175 cm to 188 cm.

Or 6/6, your Eye side should be with matriculation which is 55 marks and you should have at least 68 marks in English after that there is MTD, if they are drivers then you can mail in this if you are unmarried. This is your age from 175 to 22 years. If you have a license LTV or HTV, then your age should be from 175 to 24 years. After that, your height should be 6/6 from 168 cm to 188 cm.

Age Limit ASF Jobs

After that, your age should be from 17 to 22 years. The qualification is Matriculation with 50 marks and 68 marks in Science and English. After that there is Sportsman. For Sportsman, only boys can do it. They should be unmarried between 17 to 20 years old and should be 163 cm to 188 cm. Height should be up to 1000 and Matrix Science should be with 60 phi marks and whatever you have, you should have given exceptional performance in any sport at the district level or provincial or national level.

So you must have the certificate gate, okay whatever you have in it, if you have any certificate then you are proficient in English and after that, if you do not have any of it then you can still apply here, no certificate, etc. Even if you do not have any sport, you can apply here, after that, those who belong to backward areas like Azad Kashmir have a right to this,

Allover Quota Pak Army Jobs

This is also applicable to the people of Fata Gilgit, and Balochistan of KPK in Mars. If it is fine on Mars, then you have to read it, it is better for those who are from backward areas, after that, those who have done matriculation before 2021 will have to provide the actual certificate. If yours is after 2021, then your result will be fine. After that, those who have passed Intermediate and have at least 60 marks in English can also apply here.

After that, the rest of the selection process is that you will have to get Intelligence Base Test online and then After this, you will get everything like a medical interview, etc. here, rest of the things you have to read, then here you can see that boy can do it, if there are no ASF jobs for girls, then from 8th January to 14th January i.e. tomorrow.

Last Date Apply Online

Its session starts on 14th January, the last date is, so you all have to apply online. This is how you have to apply online. If you want to register with us then you can contact us. Here you will come to the website of the Pakistan Air Force. Here there is a button for Pay or Apply Online, you have to click on it, and after that, this ad will appear in front of you, so you have to do it from here like this Govt jobs,

Here you have to write your ID card number because the session has not started yet. Yes, yesterday you had to fill out the simple form here by writing your ID card number and continue to the next step Pak Army Jobs.

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