Teaching Jobs in Saudi Arabia For Pakistani 2024

Amazing teaching jobs for arts and science teachers have been announced in an international school in Saudi Arabia along with a free visa, accommodation, and food, a salary of around 2 lakh will also be given. what benefits will you get? What are the positions, what are the requirements, and how do you apply, I will share all the details with you in today’s Post.

You have to click on this Apply button, as soon as you click on it, you will see the career portal of Pakistan International School, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. there are teaching jobs for IT officers, there are also jobs for officers, here there are jobs for lab assistants too, in which Whatever category you are in, you will apply for it. here the first position we have is Zee teachers.

Teaching jobs In Saudi Arabia

Which teacher is B.Com and M.Com, apart from this there are also subjects. I think people with all the subjects can apply, it is Physics, Chemistry, and Computer Science, I will share them with you later. First of all, B.Com and M.Com teacher is required for Commerical subjects and here only female is required. Here, their age should be up to 40 years, they should have 2 years of experience and they should have taught Grade 12 i.e. Intermediate classes.

The seat in the computer lab, Computer Lab Assistant Bcs, Bsc, BS i.e. Bachelors and Masters both can apply but should be in Computer Science. People of 25 to 35 years can apply. One year of experience is also required for the Computer Lab. But you should have experience in a middle school or an elementary school. English teachers are required.

Apply for Online Teaching Jobs

For English subjects, they are saying that BA people can also apply for teaching jobs. B.Sc people can also do it, MA people can also do it i.e. if you have BA B.Sc people can also apply, they can do the above qualification but here they need to be female, age should be 30 to 45 years, English and here But there should be 2 years of experience too.

This is a teaching jobs for Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Math, Urdu, Park Study, English, Computer, Islamic Study, and Economics. If you have done at least a Master’s in all these subjects you can apply for this. Senior teaching jobs that MA people can also do M.Sc. People with a B.Ed can also do an M.Ed, that is, at least 16 years of education, and this B.Ed. M.Ed is preferred here, they are saying that they will give it but it is not necessary to apply for 16 years of education academy.

Complete Detail

Both males and females can apply here and you can see that they have given almost all the subjects. Now see, there is a computer here, if they want a computer teacher then it is not inevitable that a BS CS person will do it. BSIT will do it. Even a software engineer can do it, and an MIT person can also do it, if your qualification is relevant to them, it is equivalent, to those people can also apply, age 30 to 45.

It should be up to years and the experience you should have should be of senior grades, it comes to the point that the way to apply, you have a PE teacher, a physical education teacher who has a Bachelor’s in Physical Education, or Sports Sciences, MA, MSc in Physical Education and any diploma. Those people can apply if they have done a BA or B.Sc.

Saudi Arabia jobs Apply Online

If you have kept the subject of Physical Education then you can apply. You have done a simple BA or B.Sc but you have not studied the subject of Physical Education or Sports Sciences. Also, if you have not studied and what you have is a diploma in physical education, then you can apply. For an MSc, those in sports sciences can do an M.A. in physical education, and above that, at least they have a BA B.Sc.

You should have Diploma in Physical Education and if you have Masters in Physical Education then obviously you can apply. Both male and female and the age should not be more than 35 years. Experience is not required for them. IT Assistant is Male Female Bsc, Bs, people can do FCS Computer Science people can do it.

Last Date To Apply for Online Teaching Jobs

Those with a little computer network can do it Preference will be given to them Male and Female Both can apply Age Joe She should not be more than 40 years of age. IT Manager is required to repair the computer during all the routine operations. All these responsibilities will be given to you after selection and for 2 years. Whatever you have, you should also have the experience of IT Assistant.

The last date to apply for the teaching jobs that I have shared with you above is 15th January 2024, that is, approximately You have five days to apply. There are very easy steps to apply here. Next, I will tell you. See one here. They have said that interested candidates with good qualities should submit their resumes. I will upload it with scanned academic documents.

Saudi Arabia Jobs For Pakistani

Qualified Candidates Will Be Contactable Nationalities Can Apply, How Pakistani Female Candidate with Resident Iqama Will Be Preferred. Now Iqama is not necessary here, but they are saying that if you are a Pakistani female and you have Jobs in Saudi Arabia. Then whatever you are, you will be given preference, people of all nationalities can apply here.

Physical education teachers, have to apply in the same way but apply. First of all, if you are eligible for these jobs, you can apply for teaching jobs. Now let us talk about how you guys have to apply for these teaching jobs. Viewers, you should have a CV of a standard international format. You should have an international CV. According to the format, whatever you have should be a cover letter, then it is mandatory.

Required Document

Matriculation photographs are pasted on the CV and here they change it and apply whatever is there, no response will come, international format. According to this, you have to prepare your CV and your CV should be at least three pages along with all the documents which will include your ID card. Domicile is not required because domicile is required inside Pakistan.

The nationality ID card is fine, which will show your nationality, be it Pakistani, after your Matriculation, Intermediate, Bachelors, Masters, whatever is yours, Sande or DMC, whatever they are, result card and they will come scanned, meaning they have to be scanned, one by one. You have to create a PDF file along with whatever you have, any diplomas you have, any achievements.

Overseas Jobs Information

Under personal information, you can enter your full name, and nationality You will give your date of birth and your single, and marital status, and then you will add your educational background, degree, major, university graduation, where is your teaching experience, and how much it, you have to add all that, now many people have experience.

The hiring committee will understand that he is being expelled from one school again and again. And this is to another school. If you have 10 years of teaching experience or 5 years of experience, if it is five years then divide it into one school or two schools, a maximum of two schools. If it is 10 years, then a maximum of three schools. Divide within ‘More schools’, you have not added it.

Teaching Jobs Criteria

What was the position held? Then after that, you have got a teaching certificate, skills, language proficiency, professional membership, you have got references. References have to be given, it can be from the principal of the school where you taught, Mostly we get a reference or recommendation letter from the university when we have to go for a scholarship, and then it can be from the university when we have to go for a teaching jobs.

Now this resume has come, your CV should be like this: Education should be your teaching certificate, the professional experience should be yours whatever else is yours, whatever your experience in any school, what skills do you have? You have to add chat GPT, according to the position you are applying for, you have to attach your skills, have any references, and a personal statement meaning why you want to go, and why should we select you, then you have these solid lines here.

Fill Application

But you have to write this too, it is written, you have to make changes to it, do not just copy and paste all these things, you have to write them yourself, your name, your address, all this is written inside it. Also see this, your experience is of so many years, which is your city, which is which country, which is which year, you have to edit all these things inside it, after making a good one, you have created a PDF by attaching it with all your scanned documents.

there is If there is a subject, then you have to add some information request inside the subject too, that is, copy your statement and put it there that I am applying for this teaching job, if you apply through these methods then Inshallah you will also get a response from there. The last date to apply for teaching jobs is 15th January. The last date to apply for Physical Education and IT Assistant.

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