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The latest jobs that have come in Nadra. Can people from all over Pakistan apply for Nadra jobs? Can we people from Sindh apply? Can all the people from KP’s GB Gilgit Baltistan Fata AJ apply? How much training should be there in this and in what ways I have heard that fewer than matriculation people are coming and getting recruited, so is it correct how long will these Nadra Jobs last and when will they be recruited?

I tell you that your education will be middle and matriculation. Those who are matriculation will be kept as security supervisors. Their salary and scale will be higher and those who will be security guards will also be kept middle pass. There is no restriction on number in this, you should have this number of marks, 50 % or 40%, and only you people should pass in this, middle pass and matriculation.

Criteria NADRA Jobs In Pakistan

All of you are eligible, this is a uniform job and you will do this Nadra Jobs and you will handle the security responsibilities of the National Data Base Registration Authority. Now listen carefully, first of all, I will tell you the criteria. On this website, you start your job and career service, and training, tell you. I gave middle and matriculation, in this, you should have only passing marks, you should fulfill the eligibility criteria, height will be as per your wish.

It doesn’t need to be 5 feet 7 inches, whatever height is 6 inches will do, then these people. Just listen carefully, all of you who are less educated people who need jobs, these are Nadra Jobs for them and you can apply from all over Pakistan, you are from any province, you can apply, you can go to G52 in Islamabad. You can apply at Nadra Head Quarter, apart from that you can get information from Nadra offices in your respective districts.

NADRA Jobs Apply From All Over Pakistan

You can go there and get information. It is possible that the form can also be submitted there. You will go to the office of Dr. You will come to know that your vision will be perfect with and without glasses, that is, both with glasses and without glasses. Your age will be between 18 to 50 years, that is, in this, you will be able to see every Anyone can apply. Every person can take part.

There are many age relaxations available in this till the age of 50 years. All people can apply for this. Pakistanis should be urban, both men and women will apply and women will work as office attendants i.e. bring this thing to the office, keep this thing, hand over this file to so and so, your job description will be like this.

Both males and females can come in it. All the three genders can come in it. Chest is your NA. It is applicable, that is, you can run as much as you want. You will not do sit-ups, push-ups, and chin-ups. You will not do physical standards. There will be no running for security guards. You will work in uniform as per Nadra’s Concern Uniform. In this way, you will start your Nadra Jobs service.

Required Education Government Jobs

Listen carefully as to what are the requirements of you. What are your documents? Get attested photocopies done and keep your documents. By the end of this month, you can apply for it, your selection will start in the next month, that is, within the end of the month, you will get the Nadra Jobs. Keep listening carefully to your education, orphan.

Apart from this, there is a certificate for any sport, etc., that too. After getting the test done, keep three copies with you – the tested and the original. After that, keep three copies of each of your domicile, your CNIC, Computerized National Identity Card, CNIC Nati Card, or whatever you call it, after getting all the attestations done. And get four passport-size photographs made in one set i.e.

NADRA Jobs Apply Online

16 photographs which will be useful for you in the future also. Make all these sets and get them attested from Grade 17 by a gazetted officer and keep them in your file. In this way, you can apply. You will do this and go to the Nadar office in your respective district get the information from there and get the documents submitted from there. You will not be able to apply online for this.

You can apply from all over Pakistan. I told you that you could apply from all over Pakistan from Sindh to KPK to Balochistan. You can apply. You should be a Pakistani citizen. Dual nationality will not work. You will start your job service in NADRA. Your salary will approximately start between 30 to 35 i.e. 30000 to 35000.

Benefits Govt Jobs

You will get a starting salary, you will get medical, you will get food and shelter. Going to Office Suite will be free tomorrow also, this is the treasure of loyalty, you can easily serve your job by going there, apart from this, you also get other benefits and your salary also keeps on increasing, you also get promoted, you also get promoted to the next rank. It can be given that your grade will be five.

Nadra Jobs 2024 Ad Page
Nadra Jobs 2024 Ad Page

After confirmation, your grade will be seven. Accordingly, your salary will also increase. Okay, please listen to me that your Nadra Jobs are Security Guard and Security Supervisor, first of all, your documents. They will be submitted and those documents will be scrutinized you will also have to attach a statement, a police character certificate as you call it, that no criminal case has been registered against us and your data will also be checked.

Final Interview Nadra Jobs

And you should also submit these things along with you. After that, your documents will be scrutinized and you will get roll number slips. SMS will be received which you will give to them on your mobile number. After that, you will appear on the scheduled date and your first psychological assessment will be done.

There will be a small test in which you will be seen whether you have any mental illness or not, if you are physically fine, then a small test has been done for you people, if you are mentally fine, if you are healthy then it will be yours, after that, it will be yours. Interview Final Interview For NADRA Jobs 2024.

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