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The National Defence University Jobs announcement so first of all this job will be in Islamabad but it men and women from all over Pakistan. Women can apply, you can apply and the age limit is very high, their salary is mentioned in the advertisement. The first post is personal assistant, the salary is 26000, You should have 14 years of education, and you can easily apply for NDU Jobs.

You should have typing speed, and be able to write 35 to 40 words per minute. you should also have computer knowledge, since you are a mechanic, you only need the skills to work on press mechanic machines including office machines and other press machines. Just matriculation, whatever it is and not having years of experience in working machines, you can apply for it.

NDU Jobs Detail

Office Assistant should be a graduate, with 3 years of experience and intermediate can also apply for a b5-year of experience is required for UDC ie in Islamabad University, if you want to apply as an office assistant if you have graduated, you should have three years of experience, if you have Intermediate, then you should have three years of experience. You can apply to this post.

Data entry operator. You should have a Bachelor’s degree in Physics or Mathematics or Economics or Statistics and you should be at least speeding with it. 10000 words per hour for data entry. As a driver, you must have 5 years of experience, which means you must not be educated, You must have 5 years of experience and a valid license, and you can apply for NDU Jobs.

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Then there is the conductor, who is also not educated, he only needs one year of work experience, Candidate, only one year of experience, nothing else. After Gatekeeper, he is not literate, preferably ex-servant, i.e. he doesn’t need any experience, no work license, and no education. , no degree required, only educated, civilians can also apply, but those who are ex-servicemen will be preferred.

Here library attendants should have SSC, nothing else is required, experience. No need. Security guard, not educated, no experience required, nothing required, no certificate required, only educated, you can apply for security guard, a civilian can also, ex-Military personnel will be given more preference. posts, followed by sanitary workers, those who are eligible for it should be educated and have one year of experience.

National Defence University Jobs

Then apply for civil as well, as an army servant also applies. Both males and females can apply. pakistan can apply and this is govt jobs in Islamabad if you are posted at Islamabad University what is the last date to apply it is 15th January before that now let’s apply for NDU Jobs. Let’s learn the method, it’s a very easy way to apply, there is no difficulty in it, first of all, I will mention one thing to you, these are contract base jobs, these are not permanent jobs.

These people are for a few months or a few years you are on a contract basis the advantage is that a person who is not doing anything i.e. who is not even educated gets experience in a government department. you get a good salary, a long For the duration, you can use that experience for a permanent job, for that you get re-employment, you have a good preference for a permanent job.

Apply Method Physically

The next thing is that you have to apply online. NDU website, I will show you the link and also show the website, you will go there, and download your application form. From there get it printed, fill it out, and then you have to apply physically, i.e. you put your application form in an envelope, get copies of all the things, and attach them. you have made a copy of NIC and domicile PRC education certificates which are the same as your certificate along with your mark sheet. , Educational PRC experience certificate, you have a computer certificate.

You will then need to get all these things photocopied, tested, and put in your envelope along with the application form, along two of your recent passport-size photographs. Along with this four people with serial numbers will go to their bank and deposit the deposit fee of Rs. Will also keep it outside. You will write your address, on the corner you will write your phone number along with it, you must write the post for which you have applied.

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Those who have serial numbers 5 to 10 posts, will enter all other things as per their choice, if they are literate, they will not insert their educational certificate and mark sheet along with a fee of Rs.50. Whatever the slip. You get it, you put it in an email and send it by courier. You must send the first one before January 15th, the next one will not be there.

NDU Jobs Ad Page
NDU Jobs Ad Page

Those who are already government employees can also apply for NDU Jobs. Only shortlisted candidates will be called for the interview test. As it is both the test and interview will be on 15th January. The last date is to listen to the address carefully. Before that let me tell you one more thing whatever.

Document Required For NDU Jobs

Valid, CINIC, Domicile, PRC, Education Certificate, Mark Sheet, Experience Certificate, Computer Certificate, Passport Size Photo, Application Form, and the bank from which you will pay the challan, one of Rs.500 or Rs.250 and it is your Payment must be made only through the bank, their address. Director Admin FCS Admin Office National Defense University Islamabad Sector 9 Islamabad.

Scroll down a bit, you will click on Apply Now. if you click on the Apply Now button. You will directly reach the NDU website, you can see that I have put an arrow next to it, they are also showing you the advertisement here, and along with it, apply the online option. Coming up, if you click on Apply Online. You will directly reach the place where you have to apply online.

National Defence University Jobs Apply Online

Applying online means from there you will print a form, after printing you will print the application form, we will print it out, and whatever happens after that. we have reached their official website National Defense University Islamabad NDU Jobs, I have told you about it in the advertisement as well, and they have shown that if you have, any problem, you can contact them.

all people will be new to this website, so you will create a new account, and enter your email, and your NIC. Will enter. Enter, your phone number will be entered, and about four or five things will be required, he will pay you there, and after creating a new account, you will sign in. Your password, you will enter the password you used to create the account. After signing in you will receive your application form. Their process was also the same, fill it, fill all our details in it, take a printout of it, and send it along with your documents.

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