Make Money Online from Facebook

How To Make Money Online from Facebook Monetization is within Pakistan. Well, this is a screen you will see here. Pakistan is among the countries from where you can earn through Facebook Monetization. Facebook will give money directly, not to any client. Nothing to say, I will also teach you how to create content, and then I will teach you how to upload content.

After that, the way to earn from it is not only Facebook, but also YouTube, and there are different ways I tell you step by step how to make money through Facebook monetization. how do you do it? What are the criteria? Here you will find that you can participate in it by signing up etc. Let’s do the monetization of Facebook like I showed you that here is Pakistan Ad.

Make Money Online from Facebook

So now you should know how to make money from Facebook stars, then the basic thing here is that you should have a minimum of 1000 followers. Within the last sixty days is fine, it means that sixty days consecutive days means that for the last two months, you should have a thousand subscribers and then say followers. Our Facebook page has not been created.

what you have to do is to create a Facebook page before you go to YouTube write Facebook page ok you will find my video on the top you will see it and create a Facebook page After making it work brother what is on it we have to earn online so man look the main thing is that. I will not say put one on Facebook we people learn to make it People will come to Google and write BBC Urdu here.

How To Make Money Online In Pakistan

So I have done BBC Urdu here. fifty percent will be your creation, so look here, daily, different news keeps coming, good, good, content keeps uploading, what we have to do is to copy from here and Then we have to upload it. Okay, now look at this. Who is Charles Aubrons, the notorious criminal who has been in a British prison for 50 years?

Most of all the news that happens, you have to pick up the news. This is a little bit because you know Facebook and tik tok and YouTube are very popular here so you can earn a lot from it but here I have opened two news simple what do you do, you can do so much, can’t you see this news, as it is written here, Britain’s tribute to the Pakistani who helped in the second world war.

Make Money Online From Social Media

About eight to ten pictures will be a lot. What you have to do after downloading is that you can use any editor, you can do it from mobile. So let’s get what we have from here in Capcut Online am showing you here so that it is easy for me to explain to you what we have to do here to open the capcut. Edit the video online.

Record your voice on top of it and after that, we meet, so here you can see that I have put the pictures and my audio. Okay, I made a proper video on cape cut. How do you do editing? If you don’t know how to do it, you will learn it. I’m just here to teach you. Since I’m editing, I won’t edit it very well, but you have to edit it well so that It’s a good shot, but now I’ll show you how I edited it. They’ve been imprisoned in British prisons for years.

What’s the reason for their imprisonment? I saw that I had read different things about him from the BBC, I collected all the data about him within forty-eight seconds and told him. What should we do after that, we have to export, well it will say to log in, we will log in first, so from here you have to click on export, and you can choose the quality you want. The maximum from here is ten eighty, which we are choosing.

FaceBook Affiliate Is a Good Option To Make Money

After that, what we have to do, so it will become your video when you have created content. Let me tell you one thing creating content is the biggest thing. If you do this. So understand that you can earn easily after that. Okay fine. Now here is what you have to do you have to come to Facebook. As long as this video comes, it is exported. We can download it now. Okay fine. So as soon as your video is downloaded, what you have to do is to go to create a reel.

From here you have to upload your reel. From here you will go to the media and add your video. If you want to do it from mobile too. So the process is the same and you can do it on mobile too, so watch this video we made here, I will turn off the sound, but here we have uploaded the video we made. So here I have to add in the detail that this man has been in jail for the last fifty years ok that’s all you have to do after that what you have to do you have to go to the top of the edit ok from here too.

You don’t need to do anything after that you have to go to share and you will share your reel from here see that your reel should be public ok you will also enable reel remixing What happens after that when people start it and on top of your Facebook page obviously the more you upload reels the way to upload I have already told you that from here it is BBC right. There are Urdu points. You can get content from different places. After that, what you have to do is to upload the reals.

Make Money From Facebook
Make Money From Facebook

When you reach 1000, then the option of Facebook Railing you have will be turned on with the star. And if it means that you will earn 100 dollars from 100 stars. Ah, sorry, one dollar will be earned, it is fine with one hundred stars, one hundred dollars will not be earned. Only two people should be because I got 150 stars in one video. I may have uploaded two or three videos. One of them got 150 stars. Then I came to know that brother, three people. Well, I gave it fifty-fifty stars, so I don’t think it’s that difficult.

Then what will you do, you will not just stop here, you have to upload the same videos on YouTube. Look here, I have opened a channel where about four to five dollars are being earned per day. OK, now if you earn, then I can say that you will earn a lot from here and also from Facebook.

And to earn this, you only need shorts that you have made. They are going to be uploaded on YouTube and you know that there is a criterion for shots, that too me you let me tell you that the criteria for YouTube shorts are that you should have 1000 subscribers and 10 million views within the last 90 days.

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It will be complete when you start adding content. Well, there is only one thing to do. You have to add content. The method of creating content has been explained. The method of editing it has been explained. You just have to keep uploading as much content as possible. It will happen that your views will come. Well, you will start separately from Facebook and you will be signing separately through YouTube shorts.

There is not much earning on YouTube shorts yet, but it is that you will get four or five dollars a day if you start getting views on your videos and you will earn two hundred to three hundred dollars comfortably doing something this month. I don’t think it’s less if the person who is going to work there are very good ways that you can earn well then you don’t have to stop uploading on TikTok and doing the same videos on Instagram. You also have to do it on a snack, the more your audience will be, the more you will benefit

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