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How To Apply for Dubai Jobs, I was getting so many emails about whether we could use email and WhatsApp or not now what is the situation going on in Dubai at this time whether we could get transferred from one company to another, or whether we could shift. You may have already known this but I must tell you and you should not think that we are giving the wrong information. You can come and visit the previous videos to see that whatever we know is accurate, we are not giving wrong information.

We don’t give it at all because by giving wrong information we guide someone wrong, we cause a lot of loss, nothing will happen to us because we have to say a word for you and if you believe in it, then it is for you. This could be a big issue and if we keep telling you our own story, there was a brother in my room and he used to work in the Pakistan Embassy. A woman came to him and asked for her work. Because of some selfishness.

How To Apply for Dubai Jobs?

She said to go to my friend and the woman asked the brother to give me some information about getting my papers prepared and what things I would need for this and at that time those things were available with her. After checking her papers, she was told to bring her husband’s signature and its photocopy and the woman walked away from there without asking anyone when she returned after about three to four months, at the same time in the same embassy She came to her friend and told him to take these, I have got my papers prepared, take out the documents and give them to me.

My friend took the same documents from him which he had about 4 months ago. The woman stopped the brother and said Brother, I had these documents with me even four months ago, but because of your wrong guidance, why did I get such a hard push and her liquid mint, I even held her feet and took her signature and photocopies, that’s why I tell you this. I am saying that do not guide anyone wrongly. If you have to guide wrongly then it will cause a lot of harm. Grace and let’s move on to our topic.

Dubai Jobs For Pakistani

So what’s up guy, how are you all? Your host Yasin Abbas is at your service. You must be thinking that you took too much time in uploading such a video and hence I took too much time because we were setting up a travel agency and it took some time to upload a travel agency and the reason for that time was Since then I was not putting any such on it because all these,

who are about, want all these types of mine to keep giving us such lovely information and you must be thinking that You have taken so long to post such kind of information, now don’t worry at all, you are going to get very good and lovely information on it quickly and today’s information will be for our Pakistanis that if any If anyone wants to go to Dubai from Pakistan, then I have brought good news for him. Today, if you need any kind of information or any work, then your brother is at your service.

Dubai Jobs 2023

You can do so by contacting the email given below. Can do and instagram2 was not there so I was a little busy with this work so now with the thanks of Allah we have this work so if you want to know about any kind of work or ticket for any kind of work So you can email me or come and any person who is coming from Pakistan to Dubai and he does not have any experience, he does not have any degree, he does not have any certificate, he does not have any skills, then his VJ type in UAE.

You need to know clearly that this is not happening and now let’s talk about which people are getting VJ. VJ is done by those people who have better degrees i.e. Matriculation degrees. I have FFSC and BA B.Sc. The degree is present and attested. It is necessary to be attested. If you do not know about attested then you can watch the video behind me to know from where you get your form tested and how to get it done.

Jobs in UAE For Pakistani

Their VJs are being posted here and I am 100% sure about this. % does not say guaranteed because around 80% of the people are getting VJ and there are some people whose degrees are around 10th class or up to F.Sc., those who have the skills, they have the skills, their VJ is not getting done, and those who have a better degree or good degree. Their VJs are being typed inside UAE and now you must be thinking here that some people are like this,

some are our friends and brothers and some are friends of our relatives who have gone inside Dubai and their VJs have been typed but this I can tell you that they have a quota, some VJs are lying there, they type those words and you can say that out of 100, 5 people’s VJs have been typed, let it confirm you and on social media. There is too much news spread that you should not believe it at all. Now let me talk about those who were canceled from here, and have been canceled.

UAE Work Permit

Now let me talk about those who have been canceled from here. If If you are shifting from one company to another within 3 months, then your visa can be typed and it is a simple matter, if it has been a little while or more than a month has passed, then no one can type. Can’t type his visa because it has become a rule here and you don’t do this, give money to any typing person and he runs away with your money, this is important for you to know,

here you will know that if you are in UAE If you have lived inside the UAE or are in the UAE or want to go inside the UAE, it is important for you to know that giving money to anyone is prohibited at all times. If you give money to someone inside the UAE, the person absconds. Every person runs away with the money, you do this, get the work done, and after getting the work done, give him the money, and then it is confirmed for you that he will do the work for you.

And one more thing, let me clear you if your visa expires. It is happening and you have a little time left for the visa. If you want to get a visa further, then I would request only that you go back to Pakistan, and when you come back, keep in mind that your visa will be typed because whenever UAE’s system gets updated, I hope that visas will start being issued because you know it was Pakistanis who created such ruckus, then it is our fault, friend, I am also a Pakistani, it is our fault, we do such things.

With information and it is important for you to know that you can contact your travel agency or us and any kind of information will guide you and any kind of information going on in your mind, any kind of question, you can ask us. We will guide you at the same time. If you want to get some work done from us by quoting the ticket and quoting the reason, then your brother is present and will do the work for you promptly.

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