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How to apply for Education Department Jobs. These jobs are for both male and female and also for transgenders. For this, your age should be thirty-eight for males and thirty-eight for females. It should also be forty or forty-one and my brothers and sisters who have done masters or degrees can apply for Education Department Jobs. Now let us bring you their official advertisement. You can confirm that this is your job, we have an advertisement open, which has been announced by PPSC, the board of intermediate and secondary education.

In Sargodha, if we talk first, the eighteenth job is the job of deputy secretary and deputy controller of examination. For this, at least if you have the training, you should have a master’s degree, a good recipe should be from a university, and sixty percent. You must have cleared and you must also have five years of experience in addition to that if you have master’s any and you have forty forty-five percent marks plus the condition of you in this is that you must have seven years of experience.

How To Apply For Education Department Jobs

Above is the five-year-old, and here is the seven-year-old right? No in the case of higher education, the concern the condition of sixty marks will be valid. OK, leave it, if you talk about the age of a male then you should be forty-five years, if you talk about the age of a female then you should be forty-eight years. Well, the female has been given an age relaxation of three years.

If we talk about gender, male, and female transgender can apply for Education Department Jobs, if we talk about place of posting, it will be all over the Sargodha and domicile, if we talk about it, then all Punjab can apply. First of all, your test will be taken, which will be your written test of hundred numbers, which you will have to do in ninety minutes.


And your knowledge will be. Pakistan studies, current affairs, Islamic study, general knowledge and non-Muslim candidates, geography, based mathematics, English, Urdu, everyday science, mathematics, general science, basic, computer science and management system, management information system, your test from all these. It will be taken if we talk about the number of posts second, which is the job of the 70th CL. BS is the job of assistant secretary assistant controller of examination of 70th CL.

The second condition is that you should have a master’s degree with forty-five percent marks and you should have experience in all these things. If the age of mail is done for this, then it is thirty-five years and female years, he has told. Both male, female, and transgender can apply. Domicile can apply to any province of Punjab. You can be posted anywhere in Punjab. The criteria of the test is the same. Your focus will be more on what will be your last qualification.

PPSC Jobs 2022

Then coming forward, we have what is coming at number three. Bs which is the job of the sixteenth scale is the job of a junior computer programmer. If you have done BSc, Bsar year in science and any degree you have done in the second division and one year of practical experience in programming and designing then you can give last reply in this and also you have data business database management system should also be command in all if talking about a male, you should have forty-five years, the female should be seventy-eight, forty-eight years, male, female, all three can apply for Education Department Jobs,

If talking about place and posting, all Punjab posting and domicile should be on a Punjab basis. This was some of their information about jobs, now we are moving towards some of their important instructions, which is the closing date of the submission online application, which is December 22, 2023, or you have to apply online for PPSC Education Department Jobs. We also tell you that through the website. And you can make online payments through money and any micro-finance.

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Well, now we have come to their official website, I will give you the link to PPSC in the description of this The show was over. If we talk about the fee, we have six departments, the board of intermediate and secondary education has a job in Sargodha, which is its last date is twenty-two twelve two thousand twenty-three if we click on it, for example, click then we will have a window open then all I have told you it should be masters degree and it should be from evident university

Education Department Jobs AD
Education Department Jobs AD

They told all the advertisement things here too And they have also told that the job of the eighteenth share of the scale is the job of yours, the male should be forty-five and the female should be forty-eight years old, all can apply. OK, then you have to go, simply click on proceed. OK, after clicking on proceed, we will have a window open. First of all, what will open is your personal information, number, second, fee payment, which you have paid.

There is an imaging upload on number three, then comes qualification details, then service details, and you have to submit your application. You simply have to submit all of these. Then you have to click on I have been and then you have to go to Apply now, we will have a new button open show. Here you have to enter again and proceed, you will have a new type window open, your portal which is online will open and how you apply will also start, hopefully, you will have understood that.

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