Earn Money Online In Pakistan

How to Earn Money Online In Pakistan am share siding method, earn rupees screen proof of earnings method affiliate marketing, or just screenshot Amazon affiliate portal screenshot method does not require many skills but you have to give time consistently. I will share with you A to Z details of affiliate marketing and how you can earn Money Online in Pakistan.

So first of all let us understand what is affiliate marketing. When you go to any website you must have noticed that many times links to some products are given there and when you click on that link, you get the option to purchase that product. The link opens whether it is on Amazon or their product’s website. This is called an affiliate link. To give an example, let me show you the website that I visited during my college days, here I used to write content related to MBA,

Earn Money Online In Pakistan With Affiliate Marketing

So in this, I have told in a blog post how should be your dress code in interviews and at the end of it I have suggested that you should carry a black-colored folder in your hand. So this link is an affiliate link. Now if you click on it, you will go to its product page on Amazon from where you can purchase it. Now note here that this price is the same price that you will see if you go to Amazon and purchase it directly. That means you will get it at the same price but because you went through my link.

So I will get a ten percent commission on your purchase price. Now an interesting thing is that after clicking on an affiliate link, whether you buy this product or any other product from Amazon, within the first twenty-four hours I will get a ten percent commission on that purchase because you went through my link. Were. so this is what is called affiliate marketing. Now you would think that it would take so much, to first create a website, then create content, and then create an account on Amazon’s affiliate portal. well, it took me a month to do all this on my own time.

How To Earn Money In Pakistan Without Investment

within a few minutes and let me explain how. The first step is website blogging I’ve collaborated with them AI website builder minute website is ready let me explain to you how is video description affiliate link page redirects Where the cyber weak deal is going on till the third of December. When you claim it, you will see the options of these four plans. You can choose any of these, like I would suggest premium because you will also get a free domain in it.

Now after adding it to the card, you will have to select a period. It has a money-back guarantee of thirty days, that is, if you are not satisfied then you can take its refund within thirty days. So if we check out this plan of twelve months, you will sign up for it and then after filling up the payment details, you can use my referral code Shweta, which you will also get an additional discount of ten percent. Now you will have your website within three thousand rupees along with your own domain name foreign entire year.

Earn Money Online Free

Now after making the payment, this page will open. Here you click on Premium Web Hosting and then skip it. And then click on Create a New Website. Now here you will see two options. On the left side is WordPress and on the right side is a hosting builder with AI. Now because we are beginners and we have to create a website quickly, we will use this AI website builder. Now here you click on start creating and write a little about your website.

Give a description of what it is about like it is my YouTube channel, so if I want to make a blog about how to Earn Money online in Pakistan and make videos, then I will write its description here, write the brand name above Shweta Creates, and select the website type, and blog. now we click to create a website and within a minute three customized templates will be given like this is the first template. This one is the second template and this one is the third template.

How To Earn Money Online In Pakistan from Blogging

If you notice, its elements and design exactly match with the description of the game. Now here I will not suggest you make many changes because it is already quite professional. But there are some elements or options given on the left side, using which you can change the color code if you want. You can change the size or type of the font. The main thing is that you have to set up your blog as soon as possible,

So on the left-hand side, you will see an option for pages, after clicking on it you have to add the blog, after doing this you will see it on the left-hand side. You will see a blog and in it, you have to click on create a new post. Now in this, if you want to write a blog post on any topic, you can write it, select any title, add any photographs, make it as you want, and make it like I have written a post on the equipment.

Earn Money Online In Pakistan with YouTube

In this, you can see that I have added a lot of links. I will explain to you how these links are added. So this is how you can set up your blog. back like this coming here you can make your website even better. For this, many AI tools are also given on the left-hand side. For example, you can use Logomaker so that you can create a logo for your website which will look very good. Similarly, you can also use the AI writer tool so that if you want to write any content on your website, you can write it from here.

Earn Money Online In Pakistan
Earn Money Online In Pakistan

There are four GPTs for writing other posts, you can use them creatively and write posts by adding different affiliate links. Now that we have set up the website, we understand how you will generate your affiliate links i.e. how the Amazon affiliate program works. Now you do not have to pay anything to apply for it. But before applying, you must write at least ten posts on your website. otherwise, your review will not be passed.

Earn Money Online In Pakistan From Amazon

So first of all we go to the home page of Amazon affiliate and here we sign up, you can also use your Amazon account to sign up, after this you will give the details of your account like name, phone number, and address. You will add your website here so that your website can be linked with this portal. Make sure that you use the same website where you are going to add links because only through those links you will be able to get a commission.

After this, you will be able to make any contribution here. You can also write store ID like I had written nonengineer twenty-one at my time, after this you can skip the tax details and payment key and click on the letter. In this way, your profile will be set up. Now your profile will be under review but till then you can create the link. For that, go to your Amazon home page, and whatever product you want to search, click on that product.

Earn Money Online In Pakistan

Above that you will be seeing an option of strike and text will be written next to it. You simply have to copy this link. After that, you will come back to your blog and select the word above which you have to add this link and click on insert link. Now you will simply come here and paste this link and publish your website. You will give and that is it, you can easily track this link by going to your Amazon portal, you can see how many clicks have been made,

How many purchases have been made through it, which products have been purchased, and what commission you have received? for each purchase so this is all about affiliate marketing and how you can earn from it. Please make sure that this is not a money hack, it takes a lot of consistency in creating posts. When I started this, it took me a month or two and it was getting very few views in the beginning.

But after that, my posts started getting featured on Google Discover and as a result, clicks on links also increased a lot, so if you want to know more how you can make your website reach more people? So just right yes and the comments, I will make another video on that. Just keep one thing in mind you should choose such a topic for your website on which you can write a lot and can also add links to products.

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