Easy Cake Doughnuts with Chocolate 10 Min

Cake Doughnuts Today we make fun cake donuts and that too in my style. So let’s start. we have a bowl here, we will make it in a very simple way and will make it quickly. First of all, we will put two Tablespoons of oil, you can take any type of cooking oil, do not take only mustard oil, etc. What is meant by this is that you should not have a strong smell, just such oil that does not have any special fragrance, we will put an egg in it which should be at room temperature. And here we have two tablespoons of curd.


For Doughnuts:

  • 2 tablespoons cooking oil
  • 1 egg (at room temperature)
  • 2 tablespoons plain yogurt
  • 1/2 cup granulated sugar
  • 1 and 1/4 cups all-purpose flour
  • 1 teaspoon baking powder
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • Pinch of nutmeg
  • Pinch of salt
  • Flour for rolling

For Glaze:

  • 1/2 cup powdered sugar
  • 1 tablespoon milk (for each glaze color)
  • Food coloring (as desired)

We will add this normal type of curd, it should neither be sour nor sweet, otherwise, these two tablespoons of curd are gone. Now we will mix it, although a lot of butter etc. can be added to donuts etc. I have created a recipe that has minimum ingredients is in minimum budget, and is amazing, we just mixed it lightly. We will put half a cup of sugar inside. This is not a powder, ours is granulated but ours is a little fine. Whatever sugar you have, you can mix it.

These become so quick and look so fancy. You know, there are two or three reasons for this, one is that it is a lot of fun, number two is that it has a little more self-life, number three is that people are often a little scared of the East, so there is no east in it, so let’s just see what we have done. Mix it well, now we will put it in it.we have flour, one cup, and one tablespoon, that is, it is one and a quarter cup.

Cake Doughnuts

So let’s keep adding it and keep stirring a little, also see here. We have one teaspoon of baking powder. Will add baking powder instead of baking soda. Will keep stirring. Now the work of the whisk is over, remove the whisk, now take the spoon, and pour it all. Here we will add 1 teaspoon of vanilla, if you have it then add it, if not then no problem. And here we have nutmeg. The taste of nutmeg is very good in the cake donut, so let’s add it. Now we will add exactly a pinch of salt to it.

We add salt because it enhances the flavor a bit and the sweet starts to taste good. So let’s mix it. this is exactly the dough. It is like we have to knead the dough, it is done exactly like this, well, you can make it and keep it for the next day also half you can keep it even before if you want to make it, then keep it for the next day, right? If you have done it at night, if you want to cook it in the morning, then keep it in the fridge, then how good it has become,

Then just keep it in the fridge for a while, if you want, keep it out, we will give it to rest for a while, ten minutes. Minimum around and maximum you can keep it for ten to twelve hours also, so let us cover it, it will rest while we make great ice out of it. we have three bowls here and each of the three has half a cup of powdered sugar. We are making three types and first of all, we will make chocolate, Zory likes it so much, so what will we do for him,

No Yeast Cake Doughnuts

We will take two tablespoons of cocoa powder and similarly let’s take the other one. So now we start adding milk into it. So look, we have regular milk here. So we will put a tablespoonful in it. This one of ours is gone and now we will add the other one, so let’s mix it, just add this much according to the measurement as told, because there is a very thin line in becoming thin and remaining thick, by the way, I will tell you what is the consistency, so let’s go to it.

When we mix this powder or when we make chocolate, this powder is very light and it takes time to mix, so I always find it very funny that someone is like that and it doesn’t mix. Quickly but when you get it, you get it with great love, so it seems like a character, Cake Doughnuts, you always say that we don’t have chocolate, we don’t have chocolate without telling you, so that’s why I made it with cocoa powder and how the consistency is, it’s just like this. Has been.

doughnuts recipe
Doughnuts recipe

Look at it this way, now tell us which one to make? Should we make it pink or white? Let’s make white first, for half a cup of sugar is powdered sugar, and add one tablespoon of milk to it. Let’s mix it now. If you do not have powdered sugar, then whatever sugar you have in your house, grind it a little in a grinder jar and filter it, your powdered sugar will become fine. Cocoa powder was not added, so we kept half the quantity of milk in it.

Add Ingredients /Cake Doughnuts

It also turned out good and now let’s make pink. To make pink, we will need red, so first of all we will add some red color to it, and then it will become pink. If we go, we have to take a pinch, which means less than one-eighth teaspoon, it would have been better if we had made a pinch of spoon, we made one-eighth teaspoon, but we want less than that, now we will add one tablespoon of milk in this also, let’s mix it also. Now if you want, you can make it dark pink or light pink, it’s your choice.

What color you are looking for? It looks like something between pink and peach. Mine is always liquid. I put pink in the color, and my liquid color is going to be purple shade, so I thought, this powder is bad, look at us, it has also become good, and now let’s cover it for a while. Will give. Well, what is the specialty of Donard? If we keep it in a bag or a container in the fridge. Even after a week, you will taste delicious. In this manner, it should come to room temperature.

Then eat it, and it will feel great. Let us cover this now. Okay, this is done well and now let’s move towards the dough to our dough looks. Look, it is quite firm. Now what will we do, we will sprinkle a little flour on it, it should be easy to take out a little pillow, and We will sprinkle a little flour there to be rolled out. we have a nice dough, so now we will do it together. Now you just have to roll it like a roti, but let’s get a thick roti.

Doughnuts Recipe With Easy Steps

So we will keep it just this thick, this is a nice thick roti, it is a little more than a quarter inch and look here, we have oil in the frying pan, so we turn on the stove, you can take any kind of oil in which Meaning, it should not be mustard oil, etc., it should be vegetable oil of any kind which does not have much of its fragrance, it should be natural, so let’s keep it on medium-high at this time. we have cookie cutters here, one big and one small. If you have it then you can use that otherwise

I have a big jar of anything etc and I have taken a small one so it has become the same as this, I cut you both ways. whatever you have, you can use whatever you feel like. Cake Doughnuts So, we will dip this in the flower and cut it like this and we will do this one like this. we have also dipped this with. In this way, this smaller one will be put inside it, and we will remove this flour from the surrounding area, so what is now, we will sprinkle a little flour here.

And we will keep a little of this until we have all of it. So now we will do it together. And we will roll the roti again and keep cutting it like this, isn’t it easy? Cake Doughnuts Just look at the pineapple slices like this, otherwise, we will keep the donuts like this. Everyone likes donuts and they are very expensive outside. how easy they are to make and how cheap they are and you can make them as per your wish. You can eat it hot and these cake donuts are such that even when they become stale, they will taste great.

Take Fresh Cream For Doughnuts

So now let’s cut this one too, this is the last one left, it has become a donut and now all these Donards have become ours, now let’s check the oil, we had kept the same one on medium-high, and Look, the bubbles have started coming well, very slowly, not more than a little, then it means the oil is ready and if you put your hands, then heat is coming, if not too much, then let’s put our donuts, we will put only three because they will swell.

Also, when the color appears golden from below, then we will turn it. Cake Doughnuts Look, the edges are turning golden, so let’s turn it. We had put this one last, so it will take some time. Let’s turn this one too. space. If so, are they enjoying, roaming around, having fun? Are they even asking when are you going out? Now our turn will come after some time. Okay, this is what is torn, this is a sign of a cake donut, so do not think that it is torn, one side will be smooth and the other side will be like this.

Now let’s put the second one. We will not touch it at all for the first minute. Look for one and a half minutes, it has become light golden. Now we can stir it a little. Now turn it and how beautiful our donuts look. what a beautiful golden color it has turned. Now put it on the stove. We close it and let it cool down a bit. If you want, if you have a lattice stand or a rack, you can take it out on that too and you can take it out like this too, then our glaze is ready, and we will meet after it cools down.

Garnish Cake Doughnuts With Chocolate

In about ten to twelve minutes, look, fifteen minutes have passed and our donuts have become completely cold, so what we will do now is we will open our ice cream and check it once if suppose the texture of what we had made is thick and thick. If it is then it is just right otherwise if you feel that you have to add a little then add a few drops of milk and stir it as you go, this seems right to me, so now let’s dip it, like I have made all the torn sides which It is placed on top,

So now we will use the entire lower portion to glass it, so we will dip it like this and shake it a little. this way it has become good, now we will keep it here and do the same in the same way. Just put this and we have to rotate it. how this is, now let’s put the brown one here, so now let’s turn pinky, let’s take the other one too, let’s do this, let’s do some sprinkles, it will look a little decorative, it like this Do any color you like, how beautiful it looks,

It looks like this, sweet and colorful, you people who are creating beauty in my life are also adding colors. And they are sweet, so let’s open the white one, now let’s sprinkle it and one more We color it only when it is fresh or when it has to be done so that it sticks well. Wet whenever we have to sprinkle it and sprinkle is easily available in the market but in case you do not get it then you can tell me and we will meet. Okay, you will make the chocolate, we will decorate it. Look, we had this ice cream

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The white one, we took a little bit of it in a cup and diluted it a little, I will tell you how much to do, add a few drops of it and bring it. We want to the consistency like this, so let’s go, now I have a spoon here, take it and dress lightly with it, now it is your choice, you can make whatever design you want, I have made a checker, so just, this is our They have become completely dry because there is no sugar and it will get set. so let’s decorate.

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