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Amazing Fauji Foundation Jobs for Senior Teaching jobs Junior Teaching jobs, and Lab Assistants have been announced by the Fauji Foundation. Both males and females can apply. What are the requirements? it is an advertisement, what is inside it is not a criteria mentioned but the main points. These are included here which are important for you to know.

After that we will move towards the criteria, what are the requirements for senior teachers, what are the requirements for junior, and what are the requirements for lab assistants? First of all, let us see the Fauji Foundation Education System. A lab Assistant is required, and after that, the eligibility criteria are mentioned including eligibility criteria, location of the school,s and other information,

Lab Assistants Fauji Foundation Jobs

Can see the salary here, they are saying that the starting salary of the senior teachers is 35000. There will be a plus and the starting salary of the junior teachers who are Lab Assistants and Computer Lab Assistants will be Rs 32000 plus, some instructions have been provided here, and the supplier has been shared, this is the main thing here, now let us move on to the eligibility criteria.

What are the proper requirements so readers can see that I am present in the 4G Foundation Education System? First of all,l if I share with you senior teacher is mentioned here. If we talk about age then those who are between 25 to 44 years are the mails. Females can apply for minimum masters i.e. 16 years of education and this 16 years of education is your park study, history, and geography.

Fauji Foundation Jobs Education

Comes political science, IR and biochemistry, zoological study, English chemistry, physics, Urdu library, DP from the Higher Education Commission. Your degree should be recognized. The candidate has a B.Ed. We will give preference to those candidates who have a B.Ed or M.Ed. It is not necessary that if you have a B.Ed then you can apply for Fauji foundation jobs.

They are saying that we will give preference to those who have it. If we talk about minimum CGPA here, if your total is four then your total should be three, if it is five then it should be 3.75 i.e. those with a minimum of 60 marks can apply and should have three to four years of teaching experience and a reputation. Whichever is your reputed, which is within the institute.

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Candidates should have the first one in the required qualification. Which qualification should be the first one in that? Rest of your Bachelor’s Intermediate Matriculation. If there is a second in it, then that will also be fine. The second is fine, this is senior. For teachers, now let’s talk about junior teachers and junior teachers have been divided into Majeed category.

Junior Teacher Science. Age is 22 to 44 years. Age is male and female for both and a minimum bachelor’s degree should be there. Yours is fine. The minimum Bachelor’s degree should be in Biology, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Math, and Computer Physics. They are saying that we will give those who have B.Ed and M.Ed, Chi and M.Ed.

Experience Is Required

They don’t know why they mentioned P here because it is possible to have a BS They have mentioned a Bachelor’s, Bachelor’s includes a BA and BSc, so here they did not clarify that whatever you have, it should be only 16 years of education, here they have done a Master, Bachelor’s Senior. If you have done a BA B.Sc also then you can apply for Fauji foundation jobs.

But your BA B.Sc should have 60 marks and if you have a BS. or semester system then you should have 3.75 CGP out of four or five out of five. First division in BA, B.Sc or Bachelors, second division in the rest, and a minimum of three to four years experience is required here too. They have also mentioned that if one is from the Fauji Foundation Education System, If one has been terminated or you have resigned, then those people cannot apply.

Fauji Foundation Jobs Vacancies

Now comes the Junior Teacher, The Arts age will also remain the same, only the subjects will change here, they will become Arts people like Bachelors in English, Urdu, Islamic Study, Park Study, and History. Geography these people and after that CGPA Seam Experience Seam, after that, comes to the viewers the most main thing here is Lab Assistant they are required Physics Chemistry Biology Bio and Computer Science.

People between 22 to 45 years of age can apply for Lab assistantships. You can have the minimum which is a Master i.e. 16 years of education, you have done BS, you have done B.Sc Hons, you have done G in Applied Physics, Biology in Batni, Chemistry Physics, Biochemistry in Log,y and your same semester in CG, that is 60 marks. If you have a minimum of two years of experience then you can apply for Lab Assistant. After that, Computer Lab Assistant comes in the age group of 22 to 44 years.


Here again, the expected salary is mentioned as Rs. 35000 or more for Senior Teachers and Rs. 32000 or more for Junior Teachers and Lab Assistants. They have provided general instructions that NTS i.e. National Testing Service through online. You will apply for fauji foundation jobs, you will pay the fee as per your CC money or through a bank account. Candidates who desire to apply for more than one subject.

Well, they are saying that if you want to apply for more than one subject i.e. you are a senior. You are applying as a teacher, you are also applying as a junior teacher, you are also applying as a lab assistant, you will apply Fauji foundation jobs, and you will pay different fees, Send a copy.

Headquarters Postal Address

Off Field Online Application From Along i.e. when you apply online, an application form will be created for you, you have to take a printout of it, you have to attach these documents along with it, you have to send the gravel post as well, you also have to do courier work. There is a form, you have to take out, and after that, you have to attach two sets of copies of your academic certificate, degree attested, meaning verified in all your ways.

You have to attach two passport-size photographs, and you have to add two copies of CNAC. You have sent your CV Domicile to NTS Headquarters Fauji Foundation Project, this is it, brother, main, see your address here, I will highlight you, Fauji Foundation Project, Plot No. 96 Street No. 4 Sector H81 Islamabad, till 8th January.

Jobs In Pakistan

so if you want to apply then you can apply online tomorrow for Fauji Foundation jobs and get the documents sent to them. If you send them tomorrow then they will reach or apparently, if they reach then it will be 900 days. But there is no issue, but yours will be accepted, your application form will be incomplete or whatever it is, it will be rejected.

Only short-listed candidates will be called for an interview, and meet the recruitment directly, they have given the number of seats, see senior here. Teacher Biology is inside Kasur. Senior teacher who is Chemistry can see here in Donga Jhelum and here in Lahore. there are senior teachers and junior teachers who have started from here and Majeed here, Lab Assistant and Computer Lab Assistant, this is the number of seats, Lahore Zone is written above.

Apply for Method Fauji Foundation jobs

Now Let’s see how it is in the Lahore zone and it is not mentioned here, we will apply from the whole of Pakistan, from Punjab, so I say you apply from Punjab only or check here if there are Fauji Foundation jobs within your nearby area, then you can apply for fauji foundation jobs. You can apply, it is simple, you will open your browser here and after opening it in the browser, The NTS website will start opening. Look here, some links have come.

The first link is NTS Pakistan. If you click on it, it will be the official website of the National Testing Service. The website will open in front of you, while it is opening, please like this post and subscribe to the channel so that you keep getting notifications of such posts. readers can see the official website of the National Testing Service here.

Fauji Foundation jobs Apply Online

The website has been opened in front of you, here also you will go inside the open applications, as soon as you click on the open applications, all the current Fauji foundation jobs that are still due will open in front of you, now see here, Fudge is on the second number. The foundation is fine, the second number is the details in front of it, so you have to click on the details, as soon as you click on the details,

The syllabus will come here, so I will also share the syllabus with you so that you can understand everything in one post. Once something is covered then the view till the time the syllabus is open, for the application form here in the Karachi zone after the KPK zone after the Rawalpindi zone after the Lahore zone, If you are from then you will download the application form by clicking on it.

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