Punjab Police Jobs Special Branch 2023

How to apply for Punjab Police Jobs had announced very great jobs. Earlier I had posted. Many candidates were saying that these are fake jobs. You are lying. The jobs have not come. You have posted such a of yourself. I will tell you the process of applying for Punjab police jobs completely, and how to apply for these jobs.

How do you submit so guys complete details? the person discussing with you has to come first to know so guys complete details. You have to search for expert jobs twenty-four. Simply, as soon as you search for expert jobs twenty-four, the first website in front of you is this website, click on it. After clicking yes, you will officially come to this website.

How To Apply for Punjab Police Jobs Special Branch

After coming here, you just have to scroll a little and here you will see Punjab police status jobs in a special branch. You have to click on it. Officially you will come to this post. Here are the basic instructions for starting. these are contract-based Punjab Police jobs for three years. Now many candidates were asking whether our jobs will continue or they will fire us later.

So you have two options in this, it is also possible that you become permanent. But there is no mansion above the advertisement. And it is also possible that the three-year contract will be yours. It can also happen like this and it can also happen that you are fired after then anything is possible in it. The last date is December 2023.

Join Punjab Police

Below is the portion of the application and this is Below is your advertisement. The advertisement also has a lot of important things in it, in which the number of semi-vacancy and your education and age limit are mentioned. December 20, 2023, is the last date for you guys, now many candidates are asking if ours is from one city and if can we apply in another city or not.

Now the centers mentioned below are one two three four ah five, six, seven, eight, nine, and ten these are ten total centers. So if you mean that there is no center in the city where you are, You can go to your different centers and get your application done, but you have to pay there like now I am currently living in Lahore.

Punjab Police Jobs 2022

So I have to apply in Lahore itself. So if you people like this means that you do not know or do not know the fault here. If there is someone from Kasur, then they are close to Lahore. If they want to do it in any other place other than Lahore, they can do it. So in this way, you can go to your centers and apply for Punjab Police.

There is no restriction on it. Below is enough information for you guys, you don’t need to read it, I will guide myself. Leave it now here we will come to our important work towards application which is our most important purpose. you have to click on the click here as you will click on it. After clicking, you will come to the official website of Punjab Police.gov.pk.

After coming here, your advertisement will come in front of you, and below are your important options. Your advertisement is number one in it. There is the application form, there are the instructions, and there is the Spice Man affidavit. Here you can see three doors on the right side. You have to click on it and download it.

Punjab Police Jobs 2023

After downloading, you have to go to someone and tell him that he has to make an affidavit on top of the stamp. It can be a hundred stamp, it can be a half hundred stamp, it can be a two hundred stamp. If you are getting more than 100, You have to fill it. After filling it will be yours. Now you have to keep it with you. Now I will tell you the rest of the work.

After that, you have to download the application form here. Then you can download it by clicking on it and going to any network. If you have your printer, then take a printout of it. After you don’t write anything you have to write your name in Urdu and you have to write your name in English, after that, you have to write your father’s name in Urdu then you have to write your computer number, birth date,

Application Process Punjab Police

Then you have to write your domicile district. After that, you have to start writing the names of your degrees here. if your highest degree is graduation then graduation will come first then intermediate and then a matrix like this you have to write the names of your degrees if you are in a department here you can add details according to your NOC.

Here is your current residential address, difficult residential address, then your phone number and mobile number, The optional here is operational, sorry mobile number is operational, so here you can add contact number. After that, you have to click on quota. If you want to apply for Punjab Police on open merit, then click on women’s quota and minority quota, you have to click here

After clicking, your signature will be here. And then there will be your thumbprint. This form is now complete. You also have to paste a picture here. Apart from this, three pictures of you and yourself should be with you. After that, four copies of all your educational start documents, four copies of your domicile, and one copy of your CNIC.

These are the addresses above address you have to take all of these things. All these addresses are SPAH Special Branch, so simply you have to go to these offices and you have to go here and submit your form. Now the fee for submitting the form is five hundred and I have told you that the affidavit is all ready. What are the criteria? So, these are the complete details all things will be clear for you, both males and females and if your Further, and if you have any kind of questions, you can ask me by commenting in the comment box.

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