Great Puff Pastry Recipe 2023

Puff Pastry Recipe Today we are going to make Puff Pastry There are layers of dough and puff pastry means that we roll the dough so thinly that we make layers and inside these layers there is butter. We keep it in the oven or an oven or fry it in oil. So the butter inside the layers starts to melt. As it melts, its temperature increases. The layer between the stomach is fried and becomes crispy. So puff pastry has two major ingredients.


For Puff:

  • 1 kg ghee
  • Ice water

For Dough:

  • 500g all-purpose flour
  • 25g powdered sugar
  • 6g salt
  • 60ml oil
  • 200ml water (approximately)

For Filling:

  • Cooked minced meat (as desired)
  • Finely chopped chilies
  • Chopped onions
  • Turmeric powder
  • Red chili powder
  • Salt
  • Cumin powder

For Assembling and Glazing:

  • 1 egg (beaten)

A du on the second number means puff means butter. Only butter is used. But there is also a special variety of butter that is used in it. So first we will make its puff because butter is expensive and that special variety will not be available to you. ghee is used in puff pastry, ghee is condensed and puffed. The method of making puffs is very easy, simply you have to put water and ice in a bowl, we need ice water with ice inside it, you have melted ghee,

I am making one kg of puffs, for that, I have used one kg. Melt the ghee a little on the stove so that the grains are removed. When the grain of ghee is finished and it becomes crystal clear, then you have to put it inside the ice water. This will cause your ghee to start curdling. This work starts instantly. But when the ghee freezes, you don’t take it out, you have to let it stay inside the water for at least six hours or until the ice melts.

Puff Pastry Recipe

This will cause your ghee to become puffy and won’t melt again. So later you have to collect that ghee. Squeeze out the water well. Press it once or twice and squeeze out the water. It should freeze like this. If it is not so hard, then this shortening is not done correctly. I feel a lot of pressure and all the water is coming out of it. In this way, squeeze it and it will come out full of water. Well and after that you can make blocks and keep them in the fridge.

There is no need to freeze it. It will not cook even at normal room temperature. That’s the fun of the puff. Now when you make the dough, you have to make the dough according to the puff. If your puff is hard, then the dough will be hard. He will be a little hard. If the room temperature is high in summer, the puff will be a little soft. So in winter, if I have it, keep the dough a little stiff. In summer, you will use this recipe, the water will be a little more in it,

Puff pastry
Puff pastry

We will match the consistency of the puff and our dough so that when we make it If you roll it, it should not crack and it should be properly puffed. These are the things that if you take care of, your pastry will never get damaged. Now make the dough. Take flour, and put twenty-five grams of sugar powder or sugar in it, you have to add one teaspoon or six grams of salt, and sixty ml of oil, it will be a little max, and two hundred ml is a little more than one cup.

Puff Pastry Recipe Step-By-Step

Less water will go in this doo, add it little by little and go to max it. Now one thing you have to take care of also depends on your stomach, how much water will go if your stomach is a little more. If it takes water, you can add a little more water, but your dough should be soft, it should not be hard when you take the glue, it is soft like this, it is not a hard dough. These things should not happen. This dose is to give him a rest.

The next most special thing in this recipe is the resting. That without resting you can not make good. No one can make such a recipe without roasting. Because I just made this doo. If I start rolling this doo now, it will pack the bounce. Because gluten is active in it. As soon as I roll it it will pull back. has come So we rest it so that after a little resting it becomes completely soft if you expand it, it will expand to give it a rest, use a plastic sheet like this and wrap it inside it.

So that it doesn’t come out and give it a good rest for half an hour. After you take two rests, then it’s time to roll it and make the pastry. There are ways, actually what we have to do is put the butter inside, close it, it will become a cover and the top will be butter. Then when we roll it and fold it, its layers will become fine So, those are the layers that become crispy after cooking. They are fried because of the butter and when they become crispy, we get the puff pastry filling.

Easy Recipes With Easy Steps/ Puff Pastry Recipe 

There are different ways to fold the butter together, but the easiest and best one I find is to make a cross. The quantity of do will be equal and the layers of equal will be formed, so to make a cross we will do this from here we will do it like this means the top of the do is pressed and enlarged like this. I will do it from the bottom, and I will do it from the side, now it has started to form a kind of a cross, so what you should do is give it a little shape and press it a little.

What you have made is to roll the center in such a thickness and fold the sides of the cross so that they can come on top of it. will do. And now this puff is ours, we will keep it here in the center. Now it comes to close them, to close them, simply pick them up and place them on top of it and keep it so that the puff inside it does not come out. We will do the same from the side as well. Now do one thing that you should remove this dry flour from above so that it closes well.

There should be no risk in that it is not connected and the butter starts coming out of it. Now we will close it. Now here, our dough is perfectly closed. now we will give it the first roll. The special care here is that you have to roll it with light hands, not by pressing on the edges. If you press the butter, because our puff is soft, it will come out and it will be rolled to a length of about two feet. Typically, this is to give it a fold to the center and a fold to the other center,

Make Soft Dough For Puff Pastry

But do it a little off-center, so it will be beneficial. Then it happens that a gap is left here. Now when we have set it on one side, it has this book fold, so when we give it this fold. So there will be no gap in the center here. , it has folded. Now when you give it first then what you have to do is put it in the fridge for about half an hour. There is no AC in the kitchen, so if we are working above sixteen to twenty degrees Celsius, which is normally thirty-two degrees Celsius,

Then we will have to keep it in the fridge without it. It can’t be done and you have to give it three folds like this. After three folds, yours will be ready and to give rest, you should put it back inside the same sheet so that it is not from above and keep this thing here. I will wrap it well and put it in the fridge for half an hour so that the butter in it settles again and it does not crack or spoil. I have already made two folds. This is the final fold. The third fold.

And one more thing came to my mind while I was sitting and I will tell you right now that when you are doing these foldings, you must take care of this thing when you have folded it as it is folded. it in this fold. We have folded it in this way. We want you to roll it length-wise, not in these directions. The side we’ve folded it before, if you put it back on the same side, it will start to crack and the butter that’s there will start to come out, and the other thing is that you put it in the freezer.

Garnish And Serve Puff Pastry

Don’t keep it because you might think that if you have to keep it in the freezer for thirty minutes, then you should keep it in the freezer for ten minutes. So take care of this thing, we will give it the final fold and simply length-wise again. Yes, I have folded it. Now let it cool again for thirty minutes, after that, you can use it. You can make anything with it. Our puff pastry is ready. Now let’s talk about the filling. The filling is very easy to make, I have some leftover filling, and I will use it.

Add finely chopped chilies, add a little chopped onion, and add some turmeric, red chilies, chopped red chilies, salt, and cumin, add these spices and cook until the mince leaves the water once, then drain the water. This dough is ready for us. I will take it out from here. So by taking half of it, we will make its pastries. And look at the layers now you have to roll it thinly from which we are going to cut for the puff pastry I am not at

Now, what you have to do is to collect the remaining pieces of pastry and place them inside the puff pastry that we made earlier. Then when you roll it, set it again. It will be done. In this I am making some twelve puff pastries with filling, so I have put these twelve pieces in spray. I didn’t have a cut, so it’s not perfect, so here it is. Press it down a little, it will be cut and it will be pressed down a little, and it will rise well from the middle.

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What you have to do is wash an egg little by little, the color will be very good. Puff Pastry cook it at a high temperature for a short time, then it will be cooked on the top and the inside will remain raw. It will not be fully crispy. has taken And it has also been cooled for five to ten minutes, now it has risen well. these layers have backed them now heat insulation is not so good, so Puff Pastry, are not well and their color is not so good, so you may have problems like breaking even.

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