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Dengue Fever. From whom does it spread? What are the symptoms? Will symptoms come? Is its treatment possible? What other home remedies are there? And at the same time, how can it be avoided? So first of all let us talk about dengue.

So dengue is a virus. Is Flavi Viridae a family? Is this virus from that group? Are there other viruses in this group? Like Japanese Encephalitis, Yellow Fever, or nowadays you might be hearing the Zika virus. All these are the same group of viruses and these viruses are spread by anyone, whether it is a mosquito or not, that is why all of them have been categorized into the Arabo virus group.

Dengue virus

Dengue virus, which is the Arabo virus, spreads among humans through anyone. The virus spreads through mosquitoes. There are many types of mosquitoes. One of them is Aedes. Out of these, the dengue virus spreads from one person to another or even to other species through the female mosquito of Aedes aegypti.

The disease it causes in humans is that since mosquitoes are around you in large numbers in this season, the number of mosquitoes increases, and along with it this virus is also growing, so the mosquito which bites an infected person. They eat its blood and develop that virus inside themselves, then when the virus replicates a lot inside the mosquito, then when the same mosquito bites another healthy person, It releases the virus inside that person.

Dengue Symptoms

When this disease starts in that person, then dengue is a virus that is spread by mosquitoes and spreads from person to person. Now what happens in dengue is that we have the most common symptoms. The sign of dengue is fever then you may have headache or pain behind the eyes or you may have some muscle or joint pain along with this you may feel nausea or vomiting.

Some people may also have diarrhea and skin rashes. these are common symptoms that resemble your other viral diseases if anyone is suffering from this in this season. Fever is coming and high fever is coming along with these symptoms, then you have to consult a doctor just by looking at the symptoms or signs.

Now let us talk about when we should go to the doctor. If your child is having a fever during this time, he has a high fever and you are not feeling any other symptoms like his nose is not running. His throat is not bad and at the same time, if he is having joint pain or feeling weakness, his appetite has decreased, then we will consult a doctor.

Dengue treatment

Once your diagnosis is established, the doctor has told you that you have dengue and you also have symptoms of Dengue Fever then what should you do to get rid of this dengue disease? There is no specific medicine if we give malaria medicine then malaria is cured, if we give typhoid medicine then typhoid is cured but dengue is not like that, there is no specific medicine in this then the doctor will take care of your symptoms.

Dengue Symptoms
Dengue Symptoms

If he gives you medicine according to your conditions or your lab reports, then it becomes necessary for us to go to the doctor if we have having fever this season Then after dengue because the treatment depends on your condition and the type of dengue. The course is that there are three phases, like if we talk about the phase, then the critical phase and the recovery phase, the phase is that you are bitten by a mosquito.

Dengue Fever Phases

Dengue Fever Three to fourteen days after the mosquito bite, there is a possibility that you may get dengue. Commonly two It happens that within two hundred and seven days of the mosquito bite, the virus will grow well in your body and will bring Dengue Fever symptoms. Then febrile phase starts. The febrile phase means that you will get a fever or other symptoms which we have just mentioned.

There may be pain in the joints, you may pass out and you may get skin rashes, so skin rashes are common and eighty percent of dengue patients are likely to get these rashes. If you press any part of your body with your fingers, then you will feel redness in it. your appetite may decrease and you may have vomiting or diarrhea. So this is the phase which can last three to four days.

After this comes that the fever can be reduced once for two to three days and it happens again. We call it fever. If the fever comes, you will have a phase for three to four days, and the fever may come back again. So this is a febrile phase. Dengue Fever Symptomatic treatment will be given.

Dengue treatment At Home

About 80 percent of those who are mildly symptomatic or asymptomatic can be cured at home, yes, but it is necessary to be diagnosed. If you have a fever, you visit a doctor and he diagnoses you, but If there are no complications, then do not panic, take the prescribed medicines, rest at home drink plenty of fluids, and keep an eye on your complications or warning signs.

If the pain has suddenly intensified, you are vomiting continuously, If you are not feeling hungry, your hands and feet are cold and you are bleeding from somewhere, then you should go to the doctor immediately. If we are going to go to the complication phase, if we reach it in time, then our treatment will start in time.

Dengue Fever prevention and control

Now we talk about how to avoid dengue. As we have already mentioned the dengue virus does not spread from each other, it does not spread by living together, it does not spread by eating together, it does not spread by touching. It is spread only by mosquito bites. Yes, in some rare cases, it can spread from blood products, if infected blood is given to someone or from other blood products.

It can happen from mother to child during or at the time of birth, but this is rare, which is the common mode of transmission, so what should we do to avoid it? We have to fight on three fronts. It mostly thrives in stagnant and clean water, so we change it weekly or as soon as possible in such an unused place where water is collecting Like we change the water in the cooler from time to time.

Remove standing water 

Some tanks are lying open on the roof, in which water is collecting, so we kept changing them. We keep changing some things which have water in them from time to time. If we are not able to change them or there are some pits around the house from which we are neither able to drain the water nor fill the pit, then we can use some burnt oil. So that mosquitoes do not breed.

The second level is that If there are mosquitoes then we have to eliminate them. There are many products in the market to eliminate them, you can spray them, or you can apply something. Some coils come, mosquito coils come so that you can drive away mosquitoes and the native treatment is that you can smoke your neem leaves with them,

Wear long sleeve clothes

There are many devices that if you keep with you or apply them, they can repel mosquitoes. You can use some oils like mustard oil, but the only thing is that we cover our body completely as far as possible. My advice is that those children who go out to play, then as good parents, we must cover them to the maximum i.e. you should stop making them wear shorts.

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Make me wear full socks and make me wear shoes. Along with full sleeves, T-shirts, shirts, or whatever they are wearing, keep them wearing them and if we can apply some repellent cream on the unexposed part, then it will be most effective. We have a method so that mosquitoes do not bite us, so if we can protect ourselves from mosquito bites.

Dengue Vaccine/Dengue Fever

Then definitely we can be protected from this deadly dengue disease. Apart from this, its vaccine is also available in some countries. Dengue Fever Your body is immune. Unfortunately, this vaccine is not available in our country right now, so we have only one treatment, Dengue Fever that is, do not allow mosquitoes to occur, if they occur, kill them, if you are not able to kill them, then protect yourself from mosquito bites. So in this way, we will be protected from dengue.

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